Gordon Aikman Theatre

500 Seated

Gordon Aikman Theatre (formerly George Square Theatre) is an end on theatre space with up to 500 seats depending on stage configuration. There is a raked auditorium, with three additional rows of raked loose seating at the front. It is possible to use the area to the front of the auditorium as an orchestra pit, this reduces the capacity of the auditorium by up to 88. The theatre has a slightly raised proscenium arch stage with a large forestage area, the first ½ metre is not suitable as playing space. The performance area is 8.5m (behind proscenium) and 12m (forestage) wide by 8.0m deep and has a raised stage, covered in the black dance floor. There is no wing space, but there is a crossover and a set storage area upstage approx. 3.5m D by 10m W. This area may be used for rear projection, however, reducing the storage capacity. It is not permissible to screw into the venue floors and walls. 

For more details see the technical specifications.

This venue is wheelchair accessible.