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Applications for Disruption are now closed. However, you can still apply to be part of Assembly Festival 2019. For more information please return to our Perform With Us page.

HighTide and Assembly Festival seek new work from theatre-makers across the UK for Edinburgh Festival 2019


As part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, Assembly Festival has partnered with HighTide to present Disruption: the future of new theatre, co-curated by HighTide and Assembly, exclusively at Assembly Roxy.

The season will be formed of nine shows in total, each piece demonstrating HighTide and Assembly's shared vision for new writing as a space for political, contemporary and provocative work, created by new, diverse artists. Disruption references the type of shows in the season, and an approach to producing them.

There are two ways to get involved:

  • An opportunity to co-produce your production with HighTide.
  • The curated Disruption programme, co-curated by Assembly and HighTide, with three of the chosen productions receiving special support from Assembly.

Applications are now open and will close on 4 January 2019.


Alongside the first show of the season to be announced - HighTide and Bush Theatre's co-production Rust by Kenny Emson - HighTide are now welcoming submissions from independent theatre makers to co-produce two of the productions in the season with HighTide, followed by transfers to HighTide Festivals Aldeburgh and Walthamstow. For more information visit the HighTide website here.


Alongside these three co-productions, Assembly and HighTide will be co-curating a further programme of six shows which fit the artistic policy of the Disruption season, selected from between Assembly and HighTide’s submissions processes. The productions chosen through the curated Disruption programme will receive a performance slot at Assembly Roxy during Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 as part of the Disruption Season (31 Jul – 26 Aug 2019).

Three of the six productions chosen for the Curated Disruption Programme will receive special support from Assembly, including:

  • No venue guarantees / Minimum Theatre Facilities Fee;
  • Assembly will cash-flow the costs of fringe registration and entry into the Joint Venue Brochure.

Please note that companies applying for co-productions with HighTide will also have the opportunity to be considered for the curated Disruption programme at the same time.


To be considered for the curated Disruption programme, companies will need to be based in the UK and be able to commit to the full Edinburgh Festival Fringe run. The production submitted must be suitable for one of the three spaces in Assembly Roxy. For full information on Assembly Roxy’s spaces, as well as the deals Assembly offer, please see our Information Pack;

We are particularly interested in hearing from theatre-makers living and working in Scotland as well as from artists or companies currently under-represented in Scottish & UK theatre; including but not limited to artists of colour and LGBTQ+ artists.

To be considered for the curated Disruption programme, please fill in our Assembly application form here, together with the Disruption Cover Form.

Applications are now open and will close on 4 January 2019.