12:30, 05 - 20 Aug

A pod of whales emerges from the city, gliding and diving through the Fringe-littered streets. They've migrated all the way from Aotearoa, New Zealand, but they've lost their way to the ocean and before they reach it, find themselves stranded! Can you help? From the fringes of the South Pacific, Aotearoa's leading experimental performance company bring their community-building, street performance spectacular to Edinburgh. Under the guidance of the Response Team, armed with very many buckets, it's up to all of us to save them. Best in Fringe (NZ Fringe 2013). Spirit of Fringe (Auckland Fringe 2015). Part of NZatEdinburgh.com.

Don't just watch Fringe shows, BE in one! Whales gives you the opportunity to participate in this interactive performance either as a whale rescuer or as a whale. It's easy, fun and once in a lifetime chance to experience being a stranded whale. We provide the training and costumes on the day. Sign up here to be a Whale, or as a member of the official Response Team.