Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

21:00, 01 - 25 Aug

With sold-out shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Vault Festival London, and across America, Buffy and Instagram star Tom Lenk portrays actress Tilda Swinton as a modern Mary Poppins who finds a depressed gay man on Craigslist and dissects his life for a character study for her next movie role.

'Gripping and hysterical... the queer Mary Poppins LGBTQ people deserve. A modern masterpiece' ***** (Gay Times).

'Hilarious, unforgettable performance by Tom Lenk' ***** (BritishTheatre.com).

'Snort-worthily funny... not hard to understand why this show has become a cult hit' **** (Guardian).