The Kaye Hole

23:15, 02 - 25 Aug

Late night, done right. Queer, messy, fast, loose and f*cking hilarious. The hottest late-night ticket in town where the riskiest and most diverse acts of the Fringe let loose dripping in sweat and backed by a live band... Hosted by cabaret icon 'the evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey' ( Reuben Kaye. Bring yourself and come correct. The revolution starts at 11:15pm.


Regular performers: Heather Holliday and David Pereira

 House band The Preferred Pronouns featuring Michelle Brasier from Double Denim


Sunday 25th

Crystal Stacey (Hot Brown Honey), Austin Dean Ashford (Island Trap), Vicky Falconer, Tina Del Twist, xoxo moongirl & Fake Heat (wrestling)