Sunday Blues Afternoon

14:00, 14 - 21 Jul

Sunday 14 July

Melvin Taylor Blues Band, Stacey Mitchhart Band, Marcus Bonfanti: One of the most exhilarating guitarists in blues history, Melvin Taylor was born in Mississippi and grew up in Chicago. He fuses the Chicago blues feel and the touch of the great jazz stylists, with the dizzying speed and wild abandon of blues-rock. “Taylor’s arsenal consists of blinding speed, a feverish wah-wah pedal, a range of tones that leaps from groans to squeals, and notes bent so dramatically that his guitar sounds like it’s retching. Taylor succeeds because he’s a virtuoso who pushes the limits of his own skills.” (Living Blues Magazine). Mitchhart was a huge hit at EJBF last year. Classic soulful blues with some original songwriting, playful delivery, and roadhouse virtuosity in a joyful set of Memphis blues. Acoustic folk-blues, gutsy country blues and stomping electric blues – what will the young guitar hero, Bonfanti do in a short solo set?


Sunday 21 July

Alvin Youngblood Hart Muscle Theory, Maggie Bell & Sandy Tweeddale Duo, Main Street Blues: From Hendrix to Gatemouth Brown, Hart's fast guitar work and deep, throaty growl transports the audience from the sweltering juke joints of the Delta to the rocking electric power Trios of the 21st century. Rooted in the tradition but absolutely of the moment, Hart is one of the key blues players of today. Main Street Blues open the concert with their electric mix of originals and old blues classics. And between the two electric bands, a little gem of a duo with all time Scottish blues great Maggie Bell in an intimate duo with Sandy Tweeddale.