Sons of Kemet

20:30, 14 Jul

Saxophonist, Shabaka Hutchings, is the central figure in the new London jazz scene, and his band, Sons of Kemet, are at the vanguard of a new jazz world where relentless dance-ready rhythms culled from the calypso and soca of the Caribbean and urban hip hop, create an urgent, abrasive energy for Hutchings high-octane saxophone to feed from. The band features Theon Cross on tuba and two drummers from a revolving cast that includes Tom Skinner, Seb Rochford, and Eddie Hick interplaying beat . They’re redefining the music: “Not being from the place that jazz is born from means that I don’t feel any ultimate reverence to it. It’s just about finding ways of reinterpreting how we’re thinking about the music, re-envisioning it, just like completely decontextualizing it and saying it’s up for grabs”.