Page2Stage Edinburgh

19:30, 25 Feb

A scratch night showcasing some of the best new and emerging writing from in and around the city of Edinburgh, rehearsed during the day and performed on book that evening in front of a panel of literary industry experts, for writers to receive feedback on their work. The event is then followed by drinks in the Snug bar.

Knock Knock by Kerri Clarence.

Directed by Adam Rosa and starring Lubna Kerr, Torya Winters and Chris Townsend

Angie is pregnant and ready to pop, but she’s anything but ready for this baby. Her aloof partner has disappeared, and her overbearing midwife unexpectedly arrives to check in on them. Can Angie convince the midwife that everything is fine and going to plan when there is no plan?


Fit A Caul Life by Brenna Morrison.

Directed by Johnny Cameron and starring Alec Westwood, Joshua McDiarmid and Jamie Rodden.

In the late 90s, heroin came crashing onshore, sweeping with it the lives of the people of Fraserburgh. Three fishermen confide in each other the struggles of their life at home, life at sea, and life in the pub.

Ebb and Flow by Laura Paterson.

Directed by Calum Lake and starring Afton Moran and Olivia Millar-Ross

Ebb and Flow is an open text play featuring two characters. The play is an exploration of what it’s like living with mental health issues, whilst simultaneously dealing with bereavement and reliving a past trauma.

Two Lions by Sophia Hembeck.

Directed by Daniel Orejon and starring Scott Binnie and Lucy Wilson.

They are lions but not really. Not real lions. They are wearing lion costumes and I think it will be a love story but maybe it won’t be. Maybe it will be about work conditions among the so called millennial generation. Maybe it won’t be. Maybe it will be about dreams and how we create reality and they are just a computer program - or it is just a love story?