FuturePlay Immersive Gallery

Various Times, 03 - 26 Aug

Visual art is being revolutionized and technology has enabled an entirely new medium: immersive art. Imagine stepping into a canvas and exploring a visual world in virtual reality.

Reality Is Only Screen Deep, an Edinburgh-based digital art collective, commissioned artists Handiedan and Mr Clandestine to build breathtaking universes in Google Tilt Brush.

The Immersive Gallery experience lasted 25 minutes and was adaptable to how audience members chose to spend the time, either exploring the artwork or creating their own. 

Did you come to the Immersive Gallery in August? Check out the fantastic galleries of everyone’s artwork here!














Mr. Clandestine

Dustin Lewis, best known under the moniker “Mr. Clandestine” intermittently releases film and photography projects. On a quest for artistic regeneration Dustin ventured into the experimental realm of VR. Here, Dustin developed an alien African goddess. Built to move, she vibrates with audio, pulsating and undulating with the musical tide. 




Amsterdam based artist Handiedan blends the digital and real with her hand-cut collages. Handria, Handiedan’s Tilt Brush universe mimics her previous pieces on a different plane, reminiscent of Neo-Classical and Victorian ages, while incorporating 1940’s and Post-War sexy imagery. The result is a kaleidoscopic universe littered with burlesque imagery. Unmissable.



Photo credits: Google Tilt Brush