From Morning Sun Till Dine

20:00, 07 - 08 Mar

by Angus Graham-Campbell

Chris, the son of wealthy, middle-class Scots, lives in the basement of his parents’ New Town house with fellow student Paul, a working-class Irishman. Tension arises between the two when Paul begins to suspect Chris is bulimic. .

A play about people, friendship and the effects of eating disorders, set in 1980s Edinburgh, From Morning Sun Till Dine explores the stigmas surrounding student mental health.


Alex Legard (Chris)recently starred at the Edinburgh Fringe in Double Edge Drama’s sell-out show Goons.

Fabian Bevan (Paul) excelled in a recent production of Peter Gill’s The York Realist in Newcastle.

Freddie Robarts (Director) starred in and produced Double Edge Drama’s Goons alongside Alex.