Formation Festival: Foxgloves

18:30, 01 - 03 Mar

A death in the family is supposed to bring people together, to help heal old wounds and build bridges. Except sometimes a reunion can raise old ghosts.

An estranged brother and sister return one last time to the family farm, to sift through the junk left from a lifetime that has no other place to go. But it's more than just memories they unearth, they discover a dark family history that should have stayed buried forever. Join them in the darkness and decide if it's memories that haunt them or something more.

Award-winning playwright Jonathan Whiteside has masterfully crafted an evening which is equal parts family drama and creeping horror. Directed by David Laing, Foxgloves expertly deals with the problems we inherit from our parents and asks searching questions about which stories we choose to tell about our loved ones and why. Woven into this beautifully observed depiction of grief is the creeping realisation that not everything is as it seems in the barn. A paranormal threat from the past is lurking just beyond the walls. By turns poignant, funny, and spine-tinglingly terrifying, Foxgloves is a suspenseful look into life and death in rural communities with a climax which will haunt you.


Praise for previous Strawmoddie productions:



‘For a play that clocks in at just over fifty minutes, Vaults packs a punch, with a fast-moving plot and a genuinely spooky atmosphere and an ending that will pull the rug out from under you.’

The Fountain

‘Where would an Edinburgh Horror Festival be without a damn good spooky horror story, and Vaults delivers this fantastically! I won’t say how it all ends, for that you’ll have to hope this play does another run… I really enjoyed this show and definitely recommend it to any lovers of all things spooky.’

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