21:30, 03 - 27 Aug

Elsa works in a cafe and eavesdrops on the coffee mornings with the girls as she waitresses. Finding that the customers conceal what they are really thinking, Elsa acts out their personalities through hilarious satirical songs. A musical mash-up of comedy and storytelling, Isobel Rogers (Roundhouse Resident Artist) uses her talents as a theatre maker, singer and actress to transform into characters who conceal the truth.

"If you HAD to which of my friends would you sleep with?" Half open mic half play:   Rogers takes us through the day in a life of waitress Elsa. She satirises characters that have "coffee mornings with the girls," one night stands, worries about online presence, money jobs and down time, before transporting us elsewhere with her unique lyrical songwriting. "One of the most incredible young artists that we've worked with. Her ability to turn her musical ears and hands to a blissful mix of satire and performance is truly unique?" (The Roundhouse London)