Dziady II Fragmenty - Forefathers'Eve II Excerpts

18:00 | 20:00, 18 May

Dziady (the “Goat’s Feast”) is an ancient Slavic ritual which beginning stretches back to pagan times.

On Halloween Night a group of peasants with their leader, Guslarz, secretly summon ghosts suffering in purgatory to help them gain access to heaven. They celebrate the customary feast commemorating the dead - believing their meals, drinks and rituals will bring relief to the summoned souls of the departed.

When the deceased arrive with requests and warnings, an eerie dialogue ensues between the living and the dead in the night-time chapel.

The pagan ceremony of banqueting the dead, interwoven with Christians notions, and folk morality becomes a philosophy of life and death and a universal story about time and eternity.