Concerto a Tempo d'Umore

17:00, 03 - 27 Aug

Who says Vivaldi didn’t write bangers? That Beethoven couldn’t craft an earworm? Check your preconceptions at the door. This is a gateway gig for classical music, as world renowned performers take on movie soundtracks and pop songs, as well as classical “hits”, combined with skits, mime, and even a little pop culture trivia for you to test yourselves with. The result is a family friendly show that will appeal to all ages. Classical aficionados too will find a lot to love here.

Created by Jordi Purti, author and director of the acclaimed show Operetta. Hailing from Catalonia, the orchestra of 12 string musicians led by conductor Carles Coll Costa was founded in 1989 in Figueres, Spain. Since its origin, it has toured to more than 44 countries on five continents and has performed over 3,000 concerts. ‘Brilliant’ (PAIS).