A Ladder to the Stars

14:30, 18 Apr

Written by Simon Puttock

Adapted and Directed by Douglas Irvine


Way up in the deep blue night sky, a twinkling star hears a little girl’s birthday wish . . . she wishes she could dance with the stars.

Wanting to make this wish come true, the star tells the moon, the moon tells the sun, the sun tells the wind and the rain, and together they dream up a wonderful plan. Told through a magical mix of music, light and imagination, A Ladder to the Stars is a heartfelt and humorous story of what can happen when the universe hears your dreams.

This piece has very few words and is suitable for deaf audiences and those with additional support needs.


'Magical, engaging with plenty of laughs.  A Ladder to the Stars is an enchanting productions ideal for kids aged 3-7.'

Evening Express

'In directors Douglas Irvine’s Production, everything – music. Cosmic puppets, characterisation and humour – gels together with deceptive ease. Even the ending, which could hint at how human life is so much more transient than that of f star, has an uplifting feel.  A gift of a show for wee ones – let’s make a wish that it tours across Scotland soon.'

The Herald

'The performance is expertly choreographed and the tale is eloquently told with music, light and imagination in a way that toddlers and children will easily follow.  The children love it.'

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