19:30, 22 - 23 Nov

Twa stories in one: a re-telling of the myth of Philomela, the Athenian princess whose tongue has been cut out - based on the version in Ovid’s Metamorphoses - interwoven with a contemporary tale about a woman who has been silenced in different ways. Each finds resistance through the creative act.

These contrasting stories unwind in a blistering, multi-layered fusion of dark poetic text, startling imagery, with music and sound design by Niroshini Thambar. Twa explores duality and is about other ways of saying what cannot be said, things seen and unseen, fragility and strength.


‘Just because you can’t say something, doesn’t mean it can’t be said…
Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.’


Grown from a wide-ranging conversation between award-winning writer Annie George (Scottish Book Trust, Ignite Fellow 2019) and visual artist Flore Gardner, around Annie’s writing, Flore’s drawings, the relationship between art and identity and the process of collaboration, Twa is a powerful blend of theatrical storytelling, animation and live performance drawing.

‘ evocative engaging storyteller...a psychedelic landscape with a distinctive and dreamlike atmosphere’.

The Scotsman

'...a testimony to the creativity, strength and resilience of every woman...abstract and thought-provoking...liberating as a piece of storytelling...' 

The Skinny


‘…excellently served by a storytelling skill and stagecraft that do not shy away from confronting difficult questions...striking composition and sound design...visual impact that truly sets it apart’.

All Edinburgh Theatre


'A fascinating mixed-media performance...George’s script and performance are impressively strong...a promising, unique, and truly artistic performance from two clearly creative female minds .'

Young Perspective