The Old House

19:30, 27 - 28 Sep

by Kate Maravan

directed by Kath Burlinson

Memory, loss, mother-daughter relationships and the hokey-cokey.

Revisiting The Old House, Mother and Daughter hang on to fragments of what they know. Beach walks, fish and chips, carnival processions, echoes of bygone summers. Memories surface, slip away. A last chance to meet each other anew. Grief, laughter, liberation...

Inspired by my mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s The Old House explores an alive connection to the present moment, and how distinctions between well/ill, young/ old are less defined. Relating to someone with dementia can be a creative, meaningful exchange.

'The writing in this play is exquisite...Funny and devastating, The Old House is a beautiful tale...Maravan’s [an] incredible talent'


‘Compelling, thought-provoking, bittersweet...heart-wrenching.... a rollercoaster of emotions throughout’