The Box

19:30, 27 Sep

One in four of us live in The Box at some point. What are we going to do about it?

The Box is new dance theatre piece that explores the impact depression can have and how our society responds to it. A beautiful combination of exquisite choreography and thought-provoking social commentary, presented with feeling and humour, this is a powerful and inspiring new work. Performed by four talented dancers, The Box offers an innovative and playful way to connect with a sometimes difficult to talk about subject matter.


Julia James-Griffiths is an emerging choreographer based in Scotland. As a performer, she has worked with choreographers both locally and abroad, with key figures such as Christine Devaney, Tommy Small, and Kirstie Simson. As a performer and choreographer, she has been involved in several festivals both nationally and abroad.
The inspiration behind her work comes from her interest in psychology and the senses. She has a keen interest in creating work that explores our human nature and way of life, and in such a way that aims to be refreshingly accessible, honest, insightful, and impactful. The work she develops layers dance and movement with other art forms and practices, such as theatre and improvisation. 

'A beautifully raw, thought provoking and insightful performance, which I would urge everybody to go and see.'

Rosalind Roux, Talking Heads

'Going to see The Box was my first ever trip to see a contemporary dance performance and I was captivated by the strength of the message that the performance managed to put across. The use of dance, humour, and drama to demonstrate a genuine empathy for mental health issues was so clever, well-constructed and engaging…brilliant.'

Audience member, SMHAF 18