Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas

19:30, 21 Dec

A joyous festive concert which brings together professional musicians and community participants in an evening to warm the soul.

A celebration of Sufjan Stevens’ songs performed by Sufjan devotees from across the UK musical landscape and a specially-created Edinburgh community choir in a new alternative to the traditional carol concert.

Matchless independent artist Sufjan Stevens – renowned for aiming to write 50 albums each encapsulating a state of America - has written, arranged and released 10 EPs of Christmas Songs and made them available for others to play.

The songs feature many of his trademarks from other works – lush flurries of woodwind, asymmetric time signatures, trombones and heart-wrenching repetition, intimate truthful whispers. From the beautiful Christmas in the Room to the ridiculous Let’s all Boogie to the Elf Dance, he has written a Christmas song for everyone.

An array of soloists, an instrumental ensemble and community choir come together in this epic evening of festive celebration, including instant song-writing, pass the parcel and an audience singalong.

Musical magician Hugh Nankivell (National Theatre of Scotland, Opera North, wilson+wilson, Natural Causes) brings multi-instrumentalist friends Dean Brodrick (London Musicians Collective, Derek Jarman, Louis Philippe, Nick Mulvey and the GoBetweens), Ben McCabe (Paddy Garrigan and the Stroller Priests, Natural Causes, Kollega), community choir leader Matt Regan (A Greater Belfast, aka Little King) and others to Edinburgh for this festive treat, all given a touch of theatricality by local theatre maker Wils Wilson.


Audience Reviews


'There were quite a few moments I couldn't sing straight because I was so moved by the joy of it'


'Thank you so much for making my Christmas beautiful again'


'Best start to Christmas ever!!'


'It really was sublime'


'The whole night was magical. Ben, Hugh and Dean steered the boat through the most beautiful magical waters last night. Gorgeous band too. They all made me fall in love with music again a million times'


'Such a magical evening last night! Wonderful arrangements and community of musicians celebrating Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas'


Twitter: @sufjan4xmas