Dr Moreau Explains: Formation Festival

20:00, 28 - 30 Jun

1896 or 2019? Following their highly praised debut with ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Final Reckoning’ at Formation Festival in March, Twisted Thistle return to the 1890s…. in very different style. Taking a less reverent approach this time, writer/actor Michael Daviot, director/actor Emily Ingram and designer/operator Roddy Simpson have mixed technologies and genres to come up with a production that embraces satire, science-fiction, black humour and horror. It all adds up to what might be called - Steampunk Guignol.

Not for the easily offended or the weak of stomach, Dr Moreau Explains takes a graphic look at the undiminished arrogance and barbarism of our treatment of our fellow animals.

We all know that Man has interfered with Nature to catastrophic effect. We're all aware of the horrors of vivisection. We have become increasingly uneasy as scientists tamper more and more with the genetic integrity of human beings and other animals. These are all matters addressed by H G Wells in his novel The Island of Dr Moreau, making the book increasingly relevant since its publication. Now, with the news that Chinese scientists have injected human brain-growth DNA into monkey foetuses, we are dangerously close to realising the prophetic horrors set out by Wells so long ago: his nightmare is rapidly becoming our reality. 1896 or 2019?


Reviews for Sherlock Holmes: The Final Reckoning

'Daviot’s Holmes is sensational. Mark Kydd’s turn as Watson is.... a stand-out in his own right.....This may just be a Sherlock for everyone.'

The Skinny



'Daviot is an ideal fit for Holmes – he nails the brooding introspection, the mercurial twitchiness and that ever-so-slightly studied eccentricity.... producing a multi-faceted characterisation that is unpredictable but rooted in reality. Mark Kydd’s Watson – solid without being stolid, and refreshingly human – is excellent.'

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