20:00, 06 - 16 Nov

Bloodied sheets, scattered belongings. A body, crumpled amongst piles of trash.

Armed with nothing but the discarded items she is found in, we follow one woman’s rageful reckoning with romance.

A bold and challenging interrogation into violence and love, and grey areas in between, BLEACH seeks to hold a mirror up to the audience, and reveal to them the hypocrisies, complicity and power of their actions. Using a combination of dark clowning, irreverent humour and physical theatre, we follow one woman as she delves mercilessly into the normative values of romance, sex, and power, and ultimately shreds them.

BLEACH is a new full length solo work by performer/creator Estlin Love in collaboration with Al Seed.


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Post Show Discussion with Poppy Gerrard-Abbott | Thursday 14 Nov

Please join us after Thursday’s performance for a post-show discussion with Poppy Gerrard-Abbott from the University of Edinburgh's School of Social and Political Science. We'll be discussing the themes of the play alongside Poppy’s own research on sexual violence.


Reviews for BLEACH

‘A powerful and demanding show that sees Love look her audience in the eye without flinching, until they too are forced to square up to some of the discomforting truths on show’

The Herald


‘Love’s character looks in the mirror, not as a victim, but as someone whose first-hand experience is channelled into a dramatic collage that lays bare the roots of the problem’

The Herald