Approaching Empty

19:30, 08 - 09 Mar

Forget friendship. This is business.

by Ishy Din
directed by Pooja Ghai

In a scruffy minicab office, Mansha decides it’s time to create his own destiny and offers to buy the business from his lifelong friend Raf. As the realities of the state of the company slowly unravel, these two best friends must confront the difficulties of going into business with those closest to them.

Set in Northern England in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher’s death, Approaching Empty is a razor-sharp new drama by award-winning playwright Ishy Din (Snookered, Best New Play at Manchester Theatre Awards), which lays bare the everyday struggles of a post-industrial generation of British men.

What the critics said about Snookered:


'The most accomplished and assured first play I have seen for years'

The Independent



'Genuinely eye-opening'

The Telegraph

‘Powerful and satisfying'

The Scotsman

'Engagingly played'


'Impressively sharp'


'The funniest play of the year'