Assembly Roxy seeks new work from Scottish and Scotland-based artists addressing the theme of Protest, Resistance and the Future of New Scottish work.

Assembly Roxy are once again opening up a proportion of the slots in our new season for open proposals.

As part of our commitment to creating space in the city of Edinburgh for new work by emerging Scottish and Scotland-based artists and companies, we are seeking proposals for live performances from theatre, comedy, dance, spoken word, performance art and inter-disciplinary artists based in Scotland who are looking for spaces to make bold new work which explores and tests the boundaries of live performance.

This season we are seeking work engages with the theme of protest, resistance and what we can do to shape our own futures. We are looking for artists and companies interested in big questions about the world we live in and what the future of new work in Scotland might look like.

We aim to create long-term relationships with the artists and companies we encounter through all our programming strands, and the Open Submissions model aims to open that up to an even broader range of dynamic voices. It is our ambition to create a vibrant hub where artists can meet, collaborate and most importantly, have the opportunity to make work for audiences. The work selected will complement our existing programme in ways which will excite, surprise and provoke, exposing us to a fuller range of artists at all stages of their careers.

The deadline for proposals is Monday 17 June, 11:59pm.

All applicants will be notified by email of the outcome of their application by Friday 12 July 2019.

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Assembly Roxy are seeking new work and innovative live stage productions exploring the future of new work in Scotland and/or exploring the theme of ‘futures’ for its latest Programme running September – November 2019.

•    We welcome interdisciplinary work and work from artists which intersects the boundaries between artforms and/or genres.

•    We welcome proposals for innovative work, and performances which in some way acknowledge and respond to the presence of the audience and acknowledge the mechanics of live performance.

•    We actively encourage proposals for runs of more than one night. In our experience, it is important for artists to have the time for their work to develop and change in response to the presence of an audience, as well as to allow time for word of mouth to spread. We choose our programme very carefully and want to put full faith behind all shows which are chosen. By way of example, an ideal slot would be a three performance run in Roxy Downstairs or a two performance run in Roxy Upstairs, though we will always consider slightly longer or shorter runs in each space dependent on the individual proposal, and the stage that both the artist and production are at with their work.

•    We actively encourage proposals from artists or companies currently under-represented in Scottish theatre; including but not limited to artists of colour and LGBTQ+ artists.

•    We welcome submissions from artists and companies at all stages of their careers.

•    One key part of our strategic aims is to provide a platform for artists wishing to develop their practice in front of a live audience. As such we do accept proposals from companies presenting works in progress. However, we are here to support artists whose work is at a stage where it would benefit from exposure to an audience, and therefore all proposals should be for productions to take place in front of a live audience comprised of members of the public.

Assembly Roxy is a unique venue based in an historic former church building in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The Open Submissions Programme will run across two of our venues; Roxy Upstairs, a theatre space with raked seating for up to 168 audience members, and Roxy Downstairs, a more intimate studio space seating up to 60 people. Both are equipped with modern sound and lighting systems. Full technical specifications for each space can be found here:

Roxy Upstairs 
Roxy Downstairs

•    As part of the Assembly Roxy programme, participating artists will be featured on the Assembly Roxy website, email-outs and social media. Artists will be invited to participate in and help with Assembly Roxy promotion campaigns, sharing social media content, and helping with general publicity where they can.

•    All productions are subject to a 70/30 split on the gross box office receipts, in favour of the artist, with a First-Call to the Roxy of £330 per performance in Roxy Upstairs, and £150 in Roxy Downstairs. In each case the Roxy’s First Call is set against Assembly Roxy’s 30% box office share. All sums are exclusive of VAT.

•    Assembly will provide an online and telephone box office for all performances. We deduct a 4% commission on ticket sales. An additional £1 booking fee per ticket sold is charged to the customer on top (which does not affect the company’s box office share as it’s an additional charge).  

•    We will provide dramaturgical support for each production selected via the Open Submissions Programme.

•    Producing and Marketing mentorships for each production presented via the Open Submissions Programme.

•    We encourage a collaborative process and will be actively encouraging participants in our season (both from the Invitational and Open Submissions Programme) to work together in a co-operative, collaborative and mutually-supportive way.

•    Companies selected via the Open Submissions Programme will have full access to the fixed rig and sound system. In some cases we can provide additional technical equipment via outside hires, and any expenses incurred will be deducted from the box office settlement.

•    Companies should expect to provide a technician for their production, as we do not have a permanent staff of technicians on site. Assembly Roxy can arrange a technician on behalf of visiting companies, and the cost of such technician will be recharged to the company at settlement.

The deadline for proposals is Sunday 17 June, 11:59pm.

To submit please provide a completed application form together with the following supporting documents:

•    A marketing plan, including as much information as possible on how you intend to reach audiences for your production.
•    A draft script in the case of play proposals, or outline of a performance structure in the case of a devised, physical or improvised work.
•    Include links to relevant video clips, plus a selection of still images and other supporting material if required as attachments to the email.

Please save the completed application form as ‘RoxySubmission[your name]’ and send as an attachment to an email, together with supporting material. Send everything attached to one single email.

There is no charge to enter a proposal.


Please send all details requested by email, in either .doc or .pdf format to Luke Holbrook ([email protected]

Proposals will be reviewed based on the quality, and clarity, of each proposal, the track record of the personnel involved, the ambition of the work and the feasibility of executing the final project.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email by Friday 12 July.