Jane Doe

15:00, 03 - 28 Aug

Jane Doe goes to a party. She gets drunk. She blacks out. She is raped. This is a participatory theatre show reflecting on rape culture in our communities. One performer leads a public reading of a rape trial transcript, where audience members read as witnesses and lawyers and feed in live responses via their phones. Interwoven with frank and funny documentary footage with young people from the US, UK and Aotearoa, Jane Doe is a revelatory and carefully crafted discussion on consent, feminism and sexual empowerment. Created by Eleanor Bishop. Part of

If you're interested in the themes of this show, take a look at the #Unshamed FuturePlay Session on 12th August where you can meet the team behind its creation and discuss the topic of online shaming.

Jane Doe Teaser from Jane Doe on Vimeo.