FuturePlay Virtual Reality Studio

Various Times, 03 - 26 Aug

Audiences could immerse themselves in virtual worlds from the surreal to the sublime. Programme include animations, documentary and 360-degree films, multiplayer games and content from the Phi Centre’s Virtual Reality Garden.



Bright Side Studios | Janis Claxton Dance | 6 mins

Cutting edge technology meets award-winning contemporary dance. A unique VR experience created by Bright Side Studios and Janis Claxton Dance designed to take you on an immersive and visceral journey. Supported by Creative Scotland.



Cirque Du Soleil – Dreams of “O”

Felix & Paul Studios & Cirque du Soleil | 12 mins | 21–26 August only

Dive into the hypnotic world of Dreams of "O". Submerge yourself into a virtual reality universe comprised of aerial acrobatics, daring dives, fire and the surreal amphibious characters of the breathtaking aquatic masterpiece O by Cirque du Soleil.

Presented by the Phi Centre.


Cirque Du Soleil – Inside the Box of Kurios

Felix & Paul Studios & Cirque du Soleil | 9 mins | 15–20 August only

Step on stage of Inside the Box of Kurios-Cabinet of Curiosities from Cirque du Soleil. In this mysterious and fascinating realm your senses will be disoriented and your perceptions challenged, leaving you wondering if you imagined it all.

Presented by the Phi Centre.


Cirque Du Soleil – KÀ The Battle Within

Felix & Paul Studios & Cirque du Soleil | 13 mins | 3–8 August only

Enter the world of KÀ The Battle Within, a virtual reality epic adventure of heroism and martial arts.

Presented by the Phi Centre.



Cirque Du Soleil – Zarkana

Felix & Paul Studios & Cirque du Soleil | 2 mins | 9–14 August only

Populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats, Zarkana is a visual vortex set in a twisted acrobatic fantasy universe where, little by little, chaos and craziness give way to a true celebration.

Presented by the Phi Centre.



Sigtrap Games | Luke Thomson | Gary Lloyd | 15-20 mins | 2-4 people

Cursebreakers is a chaotic co-operative virtual reality experience. Trapped in a series of fiendish puzzle rooms, you and your team must rely on each other to solve each challenge. With the clock ticking and the pressure high, will you help or hinder?



Dear Angelica

Oculus Story Studio | Sashka Unseld | 13 mins

Dear Angelica is a journey through the magical and dreamlike ways we remember our loved ones. Entirely painted by hand inside of VR, Dear Angelica plays out in a series of memories that unfold around you. An immersive, illustrative short story starring Geena Davis and Mae Whitman.



First Impressions

The Guardian | Francesca Panetta, Nicole Jackson, Annetta Jones | 5 mins

Using the latest research in neural development and colour vision in infants, this film allows you to experience and interact with the world from the point of view of a baby. It's a period that none of us remember, but is the most crucial stage of our development.




Oculus Story Studio | Sashka Unseld | 12 mins

Narrated by Elijah Wood and developed by some of the creative talent behind Brave and Toy Story 3, Oculus Story Studio’s Henry uses immersive technology to tell the adorable tale of a tiny hedgehog looking for love. After spending another birthday alone, he makes a wish that will change his fate.

Presented by the Phi Centre.



Dennis & Debbie Club | Dr Julie Williamson | 10 mins

You are the newest INTERN at the White House, and your boss just happens to be away for a presidential retreat at Mar-A-Lago. Time to go through all of his stuff and see what you’ll find!





Oculus Story Studio | Sashka Unseld | 6 mins

Oculus Story Studio’s short film, Lost, takes viewers on an adventure with a robotic hand in search of its own body in an interactive experience that blurs the borders between film and virtual reality. Lost is the brainchild of Saschka Unseld, the director of Pixar’s animated short The Blue Umbrella.

Presented by the Phi Centre.


Mad Factory

The Third Floor

You’re the new hire on the factory floor – and you’re going to have to work your way up! Can you keep your cool and deliver the goods in this addictive, interactive VR experience brought to you by The Third Floor.




NFB | Munro Ferguson | 6 mins

A virtual reality animation that takes the viewer on an abstract mythical journey towards death and rebirth. Step into a 3D stereoscopic virtual reality with an original soundtrack by Kid Koala and experience the Minotaur’s emotional trajectory, from love through fear and anger to hate and finally, to a well-deserved sense of calm. 

Presented by the Phi Centre.


Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon

Greenpeace | James Manisty, Grace Boyle, Pete Speller | 20 mins

Combining cutting edge virtual reality filmmaking and multisensory storytelling, Munduruku opens a window into the lives, stories and struggle of the Munduruku Indigenous People in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.



Please State Your Name

Jak Wilmot, Leon De La Garza, Stacey White, Max Wilmot

Enter into the story of a decapitated robot head that can only speak four words as he desperately tries to escape a dangerous garbage facility.




Utopia 6

Breaking Fourth | David Kaskel, Nathan Miller, Jo Harper | 10 mins

Utopia 6 takes place 200 years from now in a world ravaged by environmental disasters and wars. But 1% of the population lives in select cities spread across the world. And for those lucky few million, Utopia 6 awaits…



We recommend seeing a doctor before using the headset if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.