FuturePlay Tech Zone

Various Times, 03 - 26 Aug

Explore an interactive playground, where art meets tech. Get your hands on gadgets, participate in multiplayer games and get lost in interactive installations. Fun and surprises for all ages.


You will have 55 minutes to explore the installations at your leisure but we advise you to read up on what’s available beforehand so you can maximise your playing time!


Suitable for age 6+


Dato DUO

Dato Musical Instruments (1 – 6 players)

Dato DUO is a musical instrument for making electronic music together. Age and musical skill don’t matter: the DUO is designed to be played by everyone!




Dead Pixels

Mechbird | Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet | (2 – 9 players)

Use the coloured joysticks to claim as much territory for your team in 90 seconds. Watch out as contested ground turns into ‘dead pixels’, as the timer ticks down and the pressure increases!





Winchester | Aaron Williams | (1 player)

Denizen is a puzzle-platformer set in a world constructed from found objects. Together with your companion, you must overcome adversity and tragedy to reach your ultimate destiny. Denizen hopes to change some of the prejudices people may have about homelessness.




Hurry Hurry Heal Me

Winchester | Claudia Thomas, Bobbie Allsop | (4 players)

Hurry Hurry Heal Me is a multiplayer, local cooperative that flips the shoot ‘em up on its head by using healing as its mechanic. This “Heal ‘em up” encourages use of teamwork and communication. Players work together to survive.




Line Wobbler

Robin Baumgarten | (1 player)

Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional custom hardware game with a unique spring controller and a long LED strip display. It is an award-winning experiment in minimalism in game design, retro sound, and use of novel input mechanics.




Morning Make-up Madness

Jenny Jiao Hsia | (1 player)

A frustratingly quick game where players have just 10 seconds to apply their character’s lipstick, blusher, mascara, eye liner and eyeshadow!






Slampunks | Kieryn King-Lloyd, Niall Tessier-Lavigne, Robert J Lake | (2 – 4 players)

Muddledash is a couch-competitive octopus racing game. You are a wriggly little octopus, trying to get to the most bopping party of the year with a gift in hand before all your friends. Just one catch - there's only one gift. Fashionably late is now out of season.




Ola De La Vida

Smash it open and see what's inside | Mona Bozdog, Danny Parker, Lynn Parker, Alex Pass | (3 players)

Ola De La Vida invites you and two friends to form the ‘wave of life.’ Using your bodies, together you must tilt, wiggle and wobble each part of the wave of life to help roll colourful digital piñata safely across.




Pico Park

Teco Park | (2+ players)

A multiplayer action game where competitors must find the key, unlock the door and ensure all other players get in. Players can climb on top of each other to reach new heights, or combine their strength to push large blocks!




Playable Prints

Never Connect! | Snakes & Ladders | Jono Sandilands | (1-2 players)

Physical printed artworks with embedded interactivity and games. With most artworks you’re directed not to touch but with these you are invited to touch and discover this new little world hidden inside the print.





Sutu | Eyejack | (1+ players)

Portal is from Prosthetic Reality - An Augmented Reality Art book published by EyeJack. The book is paired with their new iOS app, EYEJACK, which allows each artwork to come to life with animation.





Winchester | Jess Castle, James Pearson, Amelia Ng | (1 player)

An Adventure Tycoon game set in the fantasy world of Ephara, where players have to create dreams for residents of the town. Search for essential dream-crafting ingredients in the caves but beware of the monsters that lurk within!





Jenny Jiao Hsia | (1 player)

You’re a unipug… part unicorn, part pug! Use the arrow keys to move around to collect all the pug beans, find the pot of gold and avoid the bad bun!




Wobble Yoga

Jenny Jiao Hsia | (1+ players)

Take on the role of Wobble Man, as you try to recreate various yoga poses. With nine buttons which control Wobble Man’s joints, it’s your job to get Wobble man into tip top ‘calming moon’, ‘secret camel’ and ‘fish star’ pose.




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