FuturePlay Exchange

10:00 - 17:00, 21 Aug

A day of connection, debate and idea exchange for creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, gamemakers, producers, and arts industry professionals. Sessions ranged from debates, presentations, case studies, interactive demos, and roundtable discussions.

This event was produced by Riverside Studios and supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and the Centre for Digital Entertainment. Content partners were The British Council, Creative Europe and The Space. Venue provided by Assembly Festival and the University of Edinburgh.



Opening Keynote: Platforms for Play

Iain Simons, National Videogame Foundation

Future Theatrical Experiences (Presented by The Space)

Tony Guillan, Imperial War Museum (chair)

Fernando De Jesus, Boy in the Book

Kieran Griffiths, Playcraft

Sarah Toplis, The Space


Creative Hubs for Games Development  (Presented by British Council)

William Huber, Abertay University (chair)

Mal Abbas, Biome Collective

Tony Gowland, Whitebox 56

Lynsey Smith, British Council


Understand Your Audience: Using Data for Insight & Engagement

Ivvet Modinou, British Science Association (chair)

Rhiannon Davies, The Audience Agency

Owen Hopkin, The Space

Craig Paterson, The Data Lab


Difference in Play: Gender & Gaming

Chella Ramanan, Argue the Toss (chair)

Rachael Gregg-Smythe, Ripstone Games

Marie-Claire Isaaman, Women in Games

Jo Summers, Make Play Code

Talat Yaqoob, EQUATE


Case Studies: Art Meets Tech

Draw Me Close, Toby Coffey, National Theatre Immersive Storytelling Studio

Frogman, Jack Lowe, Curious Directive

Adam World Choir, Leonie Gasson, National Theatre of Scotland

Alt-W LAB, Mark Daniels, New Media Scotland


Interactive Narratives in Gaming  (Presented by Creative Europe)

Paul Callaghan, British Council (chair)

Peter Broqvist, Image and Form Games

Cash DeCuir, Failbetter Games

Jennifer Schneidereit, Nyamyam Games


Access For All: To Boldly Go Where All Others Have Gone Before (Supported by The Space)

Jo Verrent, Unlimited

Caroline Ward, The Space / Squirrel Nation


Buttons, Screens, Buildings, Streets: Festivals, Games & Cities (Presented by British Council)

Iain Simons, National Videogame Foundation (chair)

Morvern Cunningham, Leith Late

Andrew Dyce, We Throw Switches

Donna Holford-Lovell, Fleet Collective / Neon Festival


Supporting Artist-gamemakers (Presented by British Council)

Paul Callaghan, British Council (facilitator)


The Digital Organisation

Claire Hutchinson, The Space (chair)

Myriam Achard, Phi Centre Montreal

Nicky Fagan, National Theatre of Scotland

Siddharth Khajuria, Barbican Centre

Katherine Jewkes, Manchester International Festival


Artist-Led VR

Josh McNorton, FuturePlay (chair)

Dennis Reinmuller & Debbie Moody, Dennis & Debbie Club

Nicola Plant

Cristina Spiteri & Susanna Murphy, Bright Side Studios 

Janis Claxton, Janis Claxton Dance