Things You Must Do @ George Square

Each year George Square Gardens turns into a thriving hub of festival activity, with enough food, drinks and entertainment to take you right through July and August. You could spend a whole day down at the Gardens, but we’ve got a few things that you just can’t miss when you head down.


Jazz Festival



Taking over the George Square Garden two weeks before Fringe begins, you’ll be hearing the trumpet and saxes sound as the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival fill our ears with world class jazz. With some of the world’s most sort after jazz musicians as well as some massive free events, come on down to the Gardens, grab a drink and lose yourself to the music.   

Joe’s NYC Bar



Assembly’s Underground is taken over by an experience like no other, Joe’s NYC Bar. An interactive, improvisational immersive theatre experience, in which the audience is transported to a bar in New York City. Fresh from a sell-out Off-Broadway run, Joe's returns to Edinburgh. Open your minds and let Joe’s NYC Bar transport you right into the heart of NYC.  


One of the most must see places that’s tucked away near the Gardens. You may have to venture out just a touch for this one, but it’s well worth it! Located just behind the George Square Theatre you’ll find a jam packed list of shows that will fill your soul with wonder. So make sure you check out the Omnitorium!

Take a Photo with Nelly the Elephant and Griselle The Ballerina

Sneaking their way into the background of most photos taken in the Garden are a couple of our famous topiary friends. Nelly the Elephant and Griselle the Ballerina have made themselves known over the years in our garden. So make sure you grab a snap and tag us with #MyAssembly to get amongst the fun!

Try an Espresso Martini and Check Out Margaritaville 

The pints will be pouring all of August, but there’s nothing quite like an espresso martini or margarita to treat yo’self with this August. Whether you need a caffeine pick me up or a margarita to cool you off, the gardens has an array of fabulous beverages. So get down an hour or so before your shows and join us for a drink. 

Party Until Late




There’s more than just an afternoon drink on offer in the Garden, the Studio Bar will be open until 5am. So after you’ve sung yourself silly at Massaoke’s Club La La or you’ve had a riot over at Supper Club at Checkpoint come join us for a beverage or two at the Studio Bar. The party only starts with the shows in the Garden!

Take A Punt On A Show

With there being a plethora of shows that thrive in the Garden, do yourself a favour and go see a show you’ve never heard of before. You can purchase tickets down at our Box Office, so just go for it. Some of the most memorable Fringe experiences always start with an unknown show. Do yourself a favour, and jump into the deep end. 

Share a Pint With an Artist



The Garden has become a hotspot during the Fringe, flooded with people at all times of the day. However, not only is it a popular place for punters to hang out during festival time, artists love heading down to the Garden to kick back over a cold one and chill out. They’re a friendly bunch – so make sure you say hello, have a chat, and shout them a pint! 

Indulge In The Edinburgh Food Festival



Whilst there might be plenty of delicious decisions in the Garden during Fringe, it doesn’t compare to the amount of imported delights that the Edinburgh Food Festival has to offer. All things savoury and sweet will be overflowing the Garden from 26 – 30 July, and our stomachs are already rumbling. They won’t be sticking around for long, so come on down while you can. 

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