These Are All Actual Things Said To My Face: A Flyering Memoir By Nath Valvo

19 July 2017

Hello, Assembly! 

First things first – I am SUPER pumped about returning to Ed Fringe. I have been working hard on my new show. I love it. I’m proud of it. Bring it on. But between us besties. I totally suck at flyering. Like. I really suck. I either come across as someone whose medical speed has just kicked in, or some creepy guy who is making small talk while he steals your wallet. Last year - for some fun (and mental health safeguards) I started jotting down my favourite daily rejections from punters while I was out ‘n’ about pimping.

Please enjoy - play a fun game and say them out loud! Reminder – these are all actual things said to my face. 


“Definitely not.” 

“I don't find Australians funny.” 

“I'm not really a fan of comedy.” 

“Stop, please.” 

“Sorry, I'm on my way home to eat.” 

“Please, I'd rather you didn't.” 

“Is it two for one?”

“Sorry, we're just here to eat.” 

“Can you tell me where James Acaster is?”

*Girl reading a text message crying.* 

“How does it work with tickets?”

“Why are you flyering for yourself?” 

“Where's the free fringe?” 

“How many tickets can you give us for free?” 


Fun hey? See you on the concrete, peeps X 


Nath Valvo joins Assembly Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2-27 August 2017 at 21:00 @ George Square Studio Four. See more of Nath Valvo here!