The slightly strange...

The bizarre and genre-bending acts are the foundations of the Festival Fringe, which started on the periphery of mainstream culture and has now grown into the largest Arts Festival in the World. It perhaps comes as no surprise that we are champions of the odd, the outlandish, the peculiar, that slowly dawning realisation that you have no idea what you’ve signed up for as the lights go out and something unexpected shuffles onto the stage... it’s what this month is all about. So stay tuned and read on to discover a hand-picked sleection of our weird & wonderful Assembly favourites!

Kevin the Vampyr

A one-vampyr variety show serving music, story-telling and something a little bit stupid! Kevin the Vampyr and Friends Presents: The Vim and Vigour Variety Hour, an expat antipodean pretending to be a Vampyr called Kevin acting out all the friends he hasn’t had yet... Most people waste their whole lives; what’s an hour on a little song and dance?



George Egg

Do you want to watch a man cook a chicken breast in the engine of a car? Ever wondered how effective a cement mixer would be at tossing a salad? (Spoiler – it’s quite effective). Movable Feast is a slap-up dinner of inventive cooking, food trivia and anecdotal comedy. Three courses are cooked, explained and presented before you, and yes, you do get to try them at the end.  Love cooking? Love laughing? Movable Feast might just be the perfect amuse-bouche.


Ex-Batts & Broilers

Ever paid to see two chickens on cage, I mean stage? Gail and Gemma are two delightful hens discovering life as it comes. A story of female friendship and industrial meat farming told through dark comedy, clown, physical storytelling and live music. Take a minute to see the world through their beaks... do we really need to egg you on?





West End Producer: Free Willy

West End Producer is on a mission to find the lead in his Free Willy musical and you, the audience, are the panel! Expect songs, silliness, a whale-sized portion of good fun and (obviously) euphemisms a plenty...  ‘Unlike other shows at the Fringe, the audience interaction is never forced and awkward moments are non-existent, so there's no need to burrow into your seat and avoid eye contact.’ (Broadway World ★★★★) This is character comedy at its best, that will have you waving your arms in the air, wishing to be a sea anenome and singing like a dolphin wth gusto!


Lucille & Cecelia

Fed up of human-on-human entertainment? Lucille & Cecilia is a moving comic romp about two performing sealions who only have each other, which is a pity as they're both idiots. Two circus pinnipeds: one is desperate to escape, the other gets off on her daily rub downs from Trevor the trainer. ‘Be prepared for flying spittle and barking-mad gymnastics; singing, dancing and balls balanced on noses.’  (EdFestMag ★★★★) It’s got our seal of approval.




The Long Pigs 

Come one; come all to a gruesome show where horror meets hilarity! Enter a grisly world of abattoir-dwelling, murderous clowns, ready to purge the world of their red nose compatriots! In a murky soup of distrust and suspicion, promises made are constantly broken - what will happen to our herd of Pigs! ‘New; avant garde; a deliciously disgusting twist on the circus world' (★★★★★ EdFringeReview)


The Living Room

This whacky masterpiece manages a perfect blend of hilarity and tenderness and when you’re dealing with death this balance is crucial. Whether it’s predicting the lifespans of their audience or re-shuffling seating arrangements the audience is engaged and willing and somehow a bonded unit from the first few moments of play. Whilst it might seem weird to sit in a room full of strangers and think about ‘the end’, Gemma Soldati and Amrita Dhaliwal are simply fantastic, and laughing in the face of death has never felt so good.






Frankie Foxstone AKA The Profit: Walking Tour

Are you a Fringe-fanatic but can’t take another day of chair-bound entertainment lying (sitting) down? Book on to Frankie Foxstone’s unique walking tour and you’ll find your way through the streets of central Edinburgh with a bulldozing, bamboozling developer at the helm! Think Dubai on Irn-Bru! Interactive satire for the Brexit era! A show that wows, walks, and temporarily dons high-vis! Edinburgh will never feel the same again.


Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

Who doesn’t want to see a man dressed as Tilda Swinton stand in a tent and answer ads on Craigslist – afterall what could really be more ‘Fringe’? This one really speaks for itself – although even Graham Norton has been singing its praises. ‘Starring Tom Lenk of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, this is a witty and weird show, with a tinge of sincerity as it nods to the way movies help us connect to the people we love.’ (The Guardian, ★★★★)


Jody Kamali is Mike Daly: Darts and All

Perhaps you don’t even want to be at the Fringe and would much rather be in the pub playing darts. Guess what, you’re in luck, this Bristolian bumbling ex-darts champ is back!  A calamitous Q&A and whirlwind journey into the soul of an idiot. The beer swigging, pie-munching fallen star is setting the record straight in this off beat physical / character comedy show and Jody Kamali is responsible…