The Circus is in town!


Take a look at the cutting edge of contemporary circus in this titiliating mashup of #AssemblyFest favourites. From acrobatics to aerial and everything intbetween, runaway to the circus with is and prepare to be dazzled! Struggling to decide what you want to see? Can’t bear to pick up the programme again, fingers full of paper cuts from your previous day’s leafing? No need! We have a special selection of circus picks for all of you who are barmy about the big top, just read on…



360 Allstars

360 Allstars are champions of urban performance, substituting classic elements of the circus cast with a stellar cast of contemporary performers – where you expect to see a unicycle there is instead a BMX...  Individual fields of expertise culminate to form a phenomenal showcase and slick re-invention of the circus format, in this spectacular international smash-hit.


Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a multimedia clown show with a host of 4/5 star reviews, harnessing the technologies and phenomena it seeks to deconstruct, using digital projection and immaculate staging to explore our obsession with technology and our increasing loneliness in a world full of connections. Richard Saudek (Stage Award winner for Acting Excellence, Fringe 2016) performs a dynamic and compelling romp, ensnaring audiences from the off.



With Blizzard, Flip Fabrique take you on a journey in the dead of winter, inviting you to lose yourself in a world of fantasy and swirling snow. With a cast of dedicated and superbly talented performers, and an intricate set to support the performance Blizzard unfolds as outstanding visual poetry.




Jaw-dropping, slick and risky circus by Australian Fringe Favourites Casus – this show goes beyond a display of incredible skill and tackles ideas of gender, self-recrimiiation and the binding social structures that hinder our ability to be unique. DNA is a celebration of diversity, representated in both the cast and performance, and leaves audiences feeling stunned and inspired.


La Galerie

Stylish, conceptual circus presenting a Gallery like no other. With ★★★★★ from British Theatre Guide, this show is: ‘A wildly entertaining hour of anarchy featuring complex acrobatic choreography, new twists on classic circus skills and heaps of infectious joie de vivre, reminding us that it is laughter and compassion that bring us colour; that in others and with others we discover what it is to be truly alive.’


Beautiful and grotesque in equal part, this stunning aerial display of ‘art-house circus’ is both gritty and elegant. Two bodies are suspended in the limbo of loss, cradled in the surrogate limbs of rope and the temporary solace of flesh, weighed by conscience, spun by dependency, freed by mortality – all underpinned by an electronic soundscape.


Paris de Nuit

Recirquel returns to the Fringe with a red-hot and roaring display of stunning circus artists, dancers and musicians. Set in the lustful and decadent streets of 1930s Paris, with (literal) smoke and mirrors to accelerate the feeling of illusion, this show promises to tantalise, amaze and intrigue… ‘So hot and steamy there’s practically condensation on the walls.’



Winner of a Fringe First Award for fantastic new writing, this thrilling and humorous blend of circus and theatre invites us to question any preconceived notions we might have about working mothers and women in general. An all-female cast use their bodies as primary means of communication to illustrate in a raw and compelling fashion the conflicting demands of motherhood and the will of the individual.


My Land

Recirquel bring something different to the table with this focussed, zen-like exercise in grace, beauty, balance and pristine technical skill. Accompanied by seemingly ancient folk score, clever staging allows performers to manipulate sand and light to enhance the mood and reinforce a feeling of momentous gravity.




Physically fascinating, Knot is an internationally revered circus and dance work by Nikki Rummer and JD Broussé. Poignant, emotional and refreshingly modern, this is a piece that will challenge your understanding of relationships as a whole, and probe your own experiences of how connections can nourish or destroy one another.


The Black Blues Brothers

Joining the energy of Africa with a rhythm and blues sound, five unleashed acrobats perform their comedy tribute to cult movie, The Blues Brothers. Awarded ★★★★ from Broadway Baby,  the audience will ‘gasp and squeal at a chair balancing routine that seems like an impossibility. The finale is a wonderfully frantic tumbling and acrobalance routine that has the audience on their feet for a well-deserved ovation.’


Atomic Saloon

Debuting at #AssemblyFest, this show opened with a deluge of sold-out performances and ★★★★★ from Culture Fix, guaranteed to delight audiences with a fantastic, polished and laugh-out-loud funny display of incredible skill. Red-hot, risque and equally silly – this saloon show has something for everyone – catch it whilst you can, before it hits the Las Vegas Strip.



When the first card is turned our journey begins. Will the fool become the empress or the king lose his crown? Will the lovers be trapped in the caverns of the moon or the stars shine down on the hapless hanged man? You can shuffle the deck, you can lay down the cards, but the fates will dictate who will fly and who will fall…



Awarded ★★★★★ from Theatre Weekly, Bromance is a celebration of male friendship and all that this encompasses. A combination of the jaw-dropping acrobatics of circus with the emotional resonance of theatre, Bromance is ‘filled with moments of tenderness, but also brut force, meticulously constructed, a visual feast of dance and acrobatics which amazes and astounds its audience.’