Penguinpig's Big Day Out!

10 August 2018


We’re Barmpot Theatre, and in our show Penguinpig, a little girl called Sophie reads about an exciting creature called a Penguinpig on the Internet. Filled with delight and intrigue she sets off alone on an adventure to find the adorable creature, leading her to the Zoo.

So today, we thought we’d send Penguinpig off on his own adventure across Edinburgh, helped by our lovely puppeteers Aiysha and Isabella!



First Penguinpig got his flyers ready, he couldn’t go out without telling everyone about the great reviews he’d received from Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Life With Kids and Mummy’ Knee!



Then he met some super friendly Japanese drummers! He loved their shiny red outfits, but they sadly didn’t have one in his size!



Then he met some hilarious ladies with cool matching hair, but they were looking for a chap named Bernard, so he couldn’t help them there!



Finally Penguinpig found just what he was looking for, the Assembly George Square Box Office! And picked up his own ticket to Penguinpig! (We haven’t explained to him yet why he can’t watch his own show, he was just too excited!)



And just because she always gets the last word, here’s why Sophie thinks you should get a ticket to Penguinpig too!


See Penguinpig at Assembly Roxy at 10:45am from 3-19 Aug (excl. 10 Aug), the perfect treat for 3-8 year olds, and a great way to start the conversation about online safety with your little ones! Tickets available at