My First Fringe... as a Parent

You could say that expressing the fact it’s my first fringe as a parent (my choice) and basing this blog on that is a feeble attempt to use my child (unaware, 11 months) as a way to try and generate some interest in my show Who Is Daniel King. But then why would I be doing it so late into the festival? I’ll tell you why - it’s my first fringe as a parent and probably because I’m a PR guru and I just don’t know it. No in hindsight I am leaving it late. Every afternoon I’ve had the pleasure (mainly) of hanging out with my daughter at the fringe, we’ve gone to museums, watched street performers, hung out in parks (a lot) and gone to a monstrously stressful soft play in Leith.



So whilst I’m writing this with only a handful of days to go, I’ve been reminded daily, whilst carrying a pram up some wet stairs, that this is just a festival, a fringe festival, and it ends on the 24th of August (26th for others). It’s that thing you realize almost instantly when you become a parent, that your responsibility is permanent, even if you abdicate and run away to Cyprus, you’re still responsible, it will never leave (did I mention my show is about a young dad who decides to become a dancer?).

And when this fringe ends my daughter will still be sat in front of me wanting her to pick her up so she can wander about and wave at pigeons whilst I get a bad back. It’s comforting in a way, as we head into the last week of the Edfringe, where it can often feel as though you’ve failed or succeeded based on the success of your show and as a byproduct as a person. This isn’t true, so I’m not saying the answer is to definitely do the fringe as soon as you have a baby. I’m saying that regardless of whether you are at a fringe festival or not they’ll always be a parent in a park struggling to put a pair of leggings on a baby because apparently, that’s a really awful experience for them. Try being locked in a shipping container with me. Also, my show actually stars two other actors (Ed & Lorna), so it’s not that bad.

‘Swapping his business suit for a tracksuit, he abandons his family responsibilities to follow his dreams. The only problem is he has no training or conventional talent ­– just a weird groin-heavy move that everyone finds creepy.’ ★★★★  – The Scotsman


Who is Daniel King |18:55 | Assembly Rooms | Powder Room | 1-24 August