From Our Bedroom To The Box

15 August 2018

So you know what it’s like to share a room with your partner. A meal at dinner time, a shopping trolley at the supermarket, a beanbag when you’re settling in for a movie on a grey and cloudy Saturday night and maybe even if you’re lucky enough, a shower. But what’s it like to share ‘the stage’ with your partner? We didn’t know until we started writing ‘The Worst Little Warehouse in London’ and have been feeling it out along the way. Let’s briefly go back to where it started….


Robbie and I had been together for about a year and a half when we decided to pack up our lives and move across to the Queens country. After a brief stint in Putney, we settled in a converted warehouse in the North London nest of Manor House. We spent a year there living with 10 other people in what can only be described as ‘the most hilarious year of our lives’. After a year, we moved out into a studio apartment and began reflecting on the experiences of the past year. Collating our stories and writing down our shared experiences was something that just started happening organically and soon enough, we had something that we wanted to Workshop and test out on an audience. Here were are now at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe just over a year later and the rest as they say, is history.


So, working with your partner. Seems great on paper right? Look there are a lot of overwhelming positives. For example, you don’t have a knock off time and can work from the moment you wake up “Good Morning Dear” right up until 11.30pm and four episodes of Law and Order SVU on in the background later “don’t forget to turn the light off”. You can work without the burden of having a ‘filter’ because the person you are collating, brain-waving and writing with is someone that you need not worry about offending because you know them so well. Disclaimer, this can work both for and against you. You share the writing, rehearsal process and every blimp and success along the way and believe me, it is as rewarding as it is challenging. Looking back on the experience, we really didn’t plan anything, it all just happened as it wanted to happen and we just followed it instinctively and allowed the product to shape itself along the way. This is our first collaboration and for both of us, also our debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and to have a supportive warm body that you can turn to at any point that has been there for every hiccup and handstand is really special thing.



We are very proud of our show. We’re proud of each other and we are even prouder that it is here, and that audiences are interested in seeing a slice of our lives from a year that we spent in a unique environment. Working with your partner is a rewarding and humbling ride, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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