#EdKidsFringe Day

21 August 2017


For another year we’re celebrating all things Kids’ at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! From kids’ shows to family days out, we want to shine a spotlight on just how the wee ones take part in the largest arts festival in the world!

Come join us for a Twitter chat from 12pm on Monday 21 August, chat with performers and industry from right across the Fringe and get involved in one of the most fun parts of the Festival. Below are the list of questions that we’ll be chatting with over the afternoon – or if you have a question for us, jump on in! 

Q1. What was the first show you saw as a kid at the Fringe?

Q2. What’s your tips on making the most of a family day out at the Fringe?

Q3. Do you think it’s important to take your kids to shows at the Fringe?

Q4. Knock Knock. Who’s there? Give us your favourite joke you tell kids.

Q5. What makes a good kids’ show?

Q6. What advice would you give to kids wanting to go into performing?

Come join us on Twitter to chat all things #EdKidsFringe


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