Awards and Accolades 2019

Awards and Accolades 2019

The awards have been rolling in thick and fast! We are so proud of all our shows and the fact audience and industry alike have been enjoying our programme as much as we have! It’s a great privilege of ours to present to you all the productions that have received awards and accolades this year at Assembly.



Collapsible – Stage Edinburgh Award 2019



Thunderstruck – Herald Angel Award

Thunderstruck – Scottish Theatre Award 2019 Runner-up




Raven – Scotsman Fringe First Award



Raven – Three Weeks Editors Award 



Doodle Pop – Three Weeks Editors Award 




The Divet Show: The Greatest Divas and INTERBEING – Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe Awards



Tales From the Garden - Filipa Bragança Award for Best Solo Female Performance



Pops The Stage Award



Fat Blokes  Total Theatre Award | Judges Discretionary Award



Knot  Total Theatre Award | Circus



West End Producer: Free Willy Malcolm Hardee Award | Most Cunning Stunt