#EdKidsFringe Tweet Up!

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Join us for our first #EdKidsFringe Tweet Up, 9th August 8pm!

Some of you might be wondering what the fudge a Tweet Up even is!? Well it’s a super fun live tweeting marathon all followed by a simple # and facilitated by a host (that’s us!). The host, asks questions over 1 hr, people tweet their answers, share pics, fun videos, engage with other accounts and basically just have some fun! The key thing to remember is to always attach the #.

#EdKidsFringe Tweet Up will take place Tuesday 9th August at 8pm, on Twitter.

It’s really easy to take part. We’ll tweet the questions out at specific times (mentioned below) you answer them including #EdKidsFringe in your answer and BOOM you’re tweeting up!

What are the Questions?

Question One @ 20:00
What was your favourite entertainment as a child?

Question Two @ 20:10
Describe #EdKidsFringe in 4 images

Question Three @20:20
What do you think makes a great kids show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival?

Question Four @ 20:30
Why are young audiences important?

Question Five @ 20:40
Do you have any tips for attracting young audiences?

Question Six @ 20:50
If you could pick one thing to do with kids this Edinburgh Fringe Festival what would it be?