Tally’s Blood: 30 Years On

19:00, 15 - 16 Mar

Freely adapted and directed by Carlo Pirozzi from Ann Marie Di Mambro’s celebrated play

Assistant Directors: Eryn Campbell and Giacomo Mallucci Harper

Supervision by Margaret Rose

Tarantella by Italian Folk Connection

Dance performance by Imprevisto Danza


The story begins just before the outbreak of World War Two. In the back shop of the Pedreschi, we hear a lively conversation about love, food, and the war. The multilingual dialogue includes English, Gaelic, Italian, Neapolitan and dialect from an Italian region informally known as Ciociaria, between Naples and Rome. Music, song and tarantella are interwoven into the dialogues. News of the tragic sinking of the Arandora Star on the 2 July 1940 brings total silence: 446 Italian war prisoners and civilian internees met their death aboard. A dance performance seeks to convey the searing pain of the women left behind, while opening an uplifting space for a reflection on the Italo-Scottish community today.

Part of the collaborative events for the Centenary of Italian Studies, University of Edinburgh (1919-2019), coordinated by Davide Messina (University of Edinburgh)


16 March – Post Show Discussion

Join us after the performance for a round table discussion with Ann Marie Di Mambro (Scottish playwright and television screenwriter, author of Tally's Blood, 1990), Federica Pedriali (University of Edinburgh), Anne Pia (Italian-Scots writer and poet), and Maggie Rose (playwright and academic, Milan University).