19:00, 17 - 18 Mar

"Welcome to the women's bathroom. It's the place where we take a breath from the madness of the club or pub or wherever we are, touch up our war paint and prepare ourselves to face the world again."


I is hiding in a cubicle in the bathroom. Her bathroom. When an unsuspecting hen party stumbles in, I’s world and the voices swimming inside start to grow. With their help and in the face of an ever-ticking clock, she begins to weave the stories that traverse the diverse and murky journeys between good sex, bad sex, and all the sex that comes in between.

That's What She Said Theatre Company presents Good Sex After Bad Sex: a part autobiographical, part verbatim play exploring women's journeys as they navigate from sexual violence to sexual pleasure. Inspired by #MeToo and #TimesUp, the play explores the ways we can heal from negative sexual experiences, challenge a sex-negative society, and embrace female sexuality in positive, empowering ways that unite us all.

IN-PROCESS is a brand new series of work-in-progress performances. Curated with artists we are actively developing work with and allowing a unique insight into the process of creating a new piece of theatre.