Formation Festival: Food Bank 2019

20:30, 26 - 27 Feb

How does it feel to go hungry for days yet be surrounded by plenty?

What is it like to walk into a food bank?

When it comes to poverty there is no them, only us.

Written by a former food bank manager in collaboration with A Menu for Change, this new version of acclaimed stage production Food Bank As It Is is based on first-person testimony collected by A Menu for Change as part of their research into poverty in Scotland. Food Bank 2019 dramatises the stories of real people forced to rely on food banks to feed themselves and their families. Following its premiere at Holyrood to an invited audience of MSPs, As It Is Theatre bring their visceral and moving production to Formation Festival and ask the question “How can this be happening in our country?” 

The show will be followed by an interactive reflection with the audience and creative team, As-It-Is style, and an opportunity to hear more about the work of A Menu for Change in Scotland.


“We forgot they were actors and so there was very little clapping. It seemed intrusive”


As It Is Theatre was founded in 2017 by writer Tara Osman and actor and director Lawrence O’Connor following the first run of “Food Bank As It Is”, Tara’s work for stage based on her experiences as a food bank manager. Their work focuses on poverty and inequality in the UK. Political but not party political, they believe in genuine debate and the profound power of theatre to change the world one show at a time.


'Saw @foodbankasitis last night at the @ChelseaTheatre such informative and inspiring work. It’s time we start looking out for one another. This play is why we have Theatre.'

'As It Is Theatre makes I Daniel Blake look like a Blue Peter production - hard to hear and very gritty - everyone in power has to see this and then find the energy and reason to do the right thing.'

'Fab! Just wait till you see it - @foodbankasitis is absolutely game-changingly brilliant!'

'Make sure to grab a ticket for @foodbankasitis. It's a profoundly affecting drama about the scandalous rates of hunger and food insecurity in the UK. Can't recommend it enough.'

'Saw this stunning play a few days ago. Go see, or put it on. Truthful, revealing, moving, it inspires action to end a national disgrace.'

'This week, I saw @foodbankasitis. It's one of the most moving performances I have seen in a very long time. Brilliant insight into the #foodinsecurity problem sadly affecting more and more #vulnerable people. Everyone needs to see this.'

'Incredibly powerful show. Hope as many people as possible see it.'

'Soup for all tonight @ChelseaTheatre following unsettling performance @foodbankasitis life-changing theatre.'


Image © Caro Park @huntershootsldn