Comedy Club 4 Kids

17:35, 31 Jul - 25 Aug

Just cos you're a kid doesn't mean you should miss out on the best stand-ups and sketch acts of the Fringe! Just cos you're an adult at a kids' show doesn't mean you can't also have the best time! Since 2005 we have been persuading our favourite performers to entertain family audiences, and with different shiny line-ups every day there will always be something new to delight you. 'Really funny' ***** (Fest). 'Fabulous' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'Belly laughs' ***** (Families Edinburgh Magazine). 'The ethos is just right' **** (Telegraph). 'Hilarious' **** (

Thursday 1 August

Laura Davis, Ivo Graham, Nick Doody

Friday 2 August

Myra Dubois, Double Denim, Comedy Sportz


Saturday 3 August

Helen Duff, Shlomo, The Listies


Sunday 4 August

 Alice Fraser, Stu Goldsmith, Noise Next Door


Monday 5 August

Marcel Lucont, Eleanor Morton, Chris Tavner, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana


Tuesday 6 August

Helen Duff, John Hastings, Hector Scott-Manly, Patrick Monahan


Wednesday 7 August

 Amy Howerska, Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana, Hector Scott-Manly, Jonny & the Baptists

Thursday 8 August

Ada Campe, Martin Mor, Hector Scott-Manly, Comedy Sportz

Friday 9 August

Stephen Halkett, Rosie Jones, Hector Scott-Manly, The Listies

Saturday 10 August

Myra Dubois, Joe Sutherland, Hector Scott-Manly, Noise Next Door


Sunday 11 August

Ada Campe, Shlomo, Nick Doody


Monday 12 August

Laura Davis, Paul Jenkins, Caitlin Cook, The Listies


Tuesday 13 August

Michael Legge, Zeroko, Hector Scott-Manly, Mitch Benn


Wednesday 14 August

Amy Howerska, Mat Ricardo, Jonny & The Baptists


Thursday 15 August

Marcel Lucont, Rosie Jones, Comedy Sportz


Friday 16 August

Alice Fraser, John Hastings, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana


Saturday 17 August

Myra Dubois, Zeroko, Beth, Paul Duncan McGarrity


Sunday 18 August

Ada Campe, Stu Goldsmith, Noise Next Door


Saturday 24 August

Stephen Halkett, Stu Goldsmith, Mitch Benn


Sunday 25 August

 Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana, Alexander Bennett, Jonny & the Baptists