20:00, 05 - 09 Mar

On the morning of 11 September 2001 the world changed forever.

Four coordinated terrorist attacks on the United States - the first since Pearl Harbour - killed 3,000 civilians, injured 6,000 and set in motion a response that quickly became known as The War On Terror.

The Rendition Project is a unique collaboration between academics and human rights proponents, which undertakes and publishes research into the involvement of the US and its allies in human rights violations in the aftermath of 9/11. With information on detainees, the global network of detention facilities and over 11,000 so-called ‘rendition flights’, at its core the project holds governments to account for their actions, whilst representing the victims of their abuses.

Tragic Carpet’s radical new work, Rendition, uses these detailed research findings to tell the story of one man’s nightmare experience as the first suspect to be taken into the CIA’s detention programme. First performed at Hidden Door Festival in May 2017 and then at Manipulate Snapshots at the Traverse in February 2018, Rendition has been developed into a full-length work that aims to visualise the research findings using an innovative mix of puppetry, soundscapes and visual theatre.

Rendition takes place in the Roxy Snug Bar which will be transformed into an installation within which the audience will experience the work. This potent, immersive production shines a light on the collusion between the CIA and the British Government and explores the juxtaposition between extreme vulnerability and absolute power.


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‘Military necessity does not admit of cruelty’

Abraham Lincoln 1863