Statement From an Ex-Scientologist on Squeeze My Cans

3 August 2017

Me and Cathy have one thing in common: we are all critics of "the Hollywood religion", Scientology - both exes, like Cathy, and those who stumbled across the cult's abuses online, in newspapers and books, and who felt moved to do what they could to shed light on Scientology's greed, cruelty and exploitation of its members.

Over the years we have met at protests, observed court proceedings, given interviews, informed governments and civic bodies, but mostly we have helped support those who have managed to break away from this insidious modern-day "religion", often with their families, finances and prospects utterly destroyed.

Cathy's is one of the better-known stories of escape from this prison of belief. We have watched as she toured her one-woman show all across America picking up ever-larger support as she went so we were thrilled when we heard she was bringing Squeeze My Cans to the Edinburgh Festival and immediately began making plans.

Our group consists of prominent Irish ex-Scientologists, Pete Griffiths and John McGhee who have done so much to educate Ireland about Scientology and prevent its growth there, despite the fact the mother church seems to be intent on making Dublin their new European headquarters; we have a Belgium author whose next book will focus on Scientology; we have an ex-member of the Parachute Regiment who has kept us safe from Scientology's notorious Fair Game during protests; we have an actress; we have UK ex-Scientologist William Drummond who still has 26 members of his family in Scientology, all of whom have "disconnected" from him, and whose mum lies dying in a hospital bed while his siblings fight to prevent him saying his last goodbyes. And we have regular people who have been so touched by the plight of those still trapped in and those who have bravely escaped, all making our way to Edinburgh to support Cathy Schenkelberg on her opening night.

Squeeze My Cans joins Assembly Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 2-27 August 2017 at 19:45 @ George Square Studio Four. See more of Squeeze My Cans here!