Happy #WorldFringeDay From Assembly!

HAPPY WORLD FRINGE DAY FROM ASSEMBLY! For the past 70 years, Fringe Festivals have been bringing together creatives from around the globe to share talents in all genres of performance. We at Assembly have been lucky enough to be part of the fringe family for the past 37 years and with every year we grow we are constantly embraced with talent from around the globe. Today we celebrate the power of fringe festivals and their ability to unite the people with the astonishing, the incredible and the wonderful!


In this year alone we have artists from over fifteen countries all migrating to Edinburgh for the Fringe and we couldn’t be more excited about the program. #WorldFringeDay gives us a chance to celebrate the amount of global talent we are so lucky to have with us at this year’s Fringe. 

Baxter Theatre Season

Including the return of the 2012 Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner, Mies Jules the Baxter Street program showcases some of the most exciting and hard hitting theatre emerging in South Africa. Bringing the artistic voice of South Africa to the Fringe, we are so pleased to be teaming up with Baxter Theatre to bring you such an incredible theatre program.

Baxter Theatre Program includes:

Karoo Moose – No Fathers | Mies Julie | Tobacco | The Fall | Tshepang – The Third Testament  | The Inconvenience of Wings


Korean Theatre Season

From some of the most elegant dance extravaganzas to side-splitting clowning, the plethora of Korean artists at Assembly is enough to have your Festival sorted. Encompassing so many different genres of performance, the Korean artists featuring at various Assembly venues will be sure to knock your socks off (so be sure to pack spares). 

Korean Theatre Program includes:

The Ongals: Babbling ComedyEnsemble Su: The Party | Kokdu: The Soul Mate | TAGO: Korean Drum II | SNAP


New Zealand At Edinburgh Season


Some of our farthest travelling artists are our New Zealand friends, bringing some of the most hilarious, experimentative and hard hitting shows featured at Assembly this year. From mime King Trygve Wankenshaw, to experimentative theatre, to cutting edge features in the FuturePlays programme – we cannot wait to showcase what New Zealand has to offer at the Fringe. 


New Zealand at Edinburgh features:

The Road that Wasn’t There  | Trygve Wakenshaw & Barney Duncan Different Party | Modern Maori Quartet: That’s Us! | Whales | Juan Vesuvias: I Am Your Deejay | Jane Doe 

And once again, HAPPY WORLD FRINGE DAY EVERYONE! Thank you for letting us do what we do!