But we’re Dutchies, right. We cycle! by Patchwork Theatre

1 August 2017

“Sing to Me of the Man, Muse, the Man of Twists and Turns”

This is how the book about the Odyssey starts.

Life never moves in a straight line, that’s for sure. We all sometimes live our lives on the fringe.

That’s why we, the Patchwork Theatre Group from Amsterdam let the wind take us to Edinburgh.

And a ship, ofcourse.

And a car.

And some bikes.

We’re Dutchies after all. We cycle.

We follow in the adventurous footsteps of the Greek King Odysseus, who took 10 years to return home to his beloved wife and son after the war against the Trojans.

Odysseus and his men are to face some serious trials on this boat trip. Unsolvable situations, loads of difficult characters, like Polyphemus, the One Eyed Giant, who isn’t a boy scout, for sure. O and a lot of romance, of course!

We are a collective of actors, directors, mimeplayers, philosophers, writers, a cellist and a violin player. From these different artistic backgrounds we love to tell stories.

Our crew, that would be:

Marike op den Akker, Vera van der Bie, Thomas Boer, Marijn Moerman, Liesbeth Rood, Jurre Schreuder, Jur de Vries.

Very unpronounceable names to you, we know, but we’re sure we can trade some names in the Assembly Snug Bar or any other corner of the Festival that our adventures will take us.

We’re putting our bikes into a higher gear now, as in two days we’ll be sailing off.


Or we’d better put them in a lower gear with all these steep Edinburgh slopes ahead of us.

But we’re Dutchies, right. We cycle!